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Nick Mendez

Writer, photographer, filmmaker and experienced content marketing professional living in Northeast Portland, Oregon. Third generation Puerto Rican American from Queens, New York. Studied journalism and political science at Northeastern University.

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Bad Futurist | Issue 01 | October 30 2017


Lez Stand Up The Movie
filmed at the Siren Theater | Pride Weekend 2017

Check It Out!
a little dick pic flick | Holiday 2016


read this when collected | issue two | August 2017

'Change Lady'
All My Friends Read Poems | February 20, 2016


'HR 2.0: Expanding Benefits and Building a Culture of Trust'
The Creative Party | January 12, 2016

'I’m learning to code, and you should too—but that won’t make you a developer'
The Creative Party | April 30, 2015

'UI, UX and the Evolving Career Path of an Interactive Designer'
The Creative Party | January 28, 2015

'JP Fest Flashes Indie Might And Neighborhood Hospitality'
Jamaica Plain Patch | September 29, 2011

Video of the Zabbaleen
CNN | February 10, 2011

'Government, camel operators grapple over Giza access'
The Boston Globe | August 2, 2009

'Tech Table: KORG DS-10'
Tastemakers Magazine | November 3, 2008

'Show Review: M83 at the Middle East Downstairs'
Tastemakers Magazine | July 21, 2008

'Keeping the faith'
The Huntington News | March 16, 2008

'NU mourns with VA Tech'
The Huntington News | April 17, 2007

'Professor continues forward motion of rock band'
The Huntington News | January 16, 2007

'MFA to use art, music and film to celebrate MLK Jr.''
The Huntington News | January 9, 2007

'Building Our City Upon A Hill'
The Eastlake Edge | February 2006

But you don't have to take my word for it...

"He is so utterly passionate about creating outstanding work, and that passion seems to pour right out of his email and into your cup until suddenly you're drinking whatever Kool-Aid he's serving that day. It's impossible to close those emails without feeling excited about what you're going to write. Over the time that I've worked with him, I've watched him carefully build a community that truly meets its members needs. He's got a good knack for cultivating content that's relevant and timely. "

- Courtney Abud, Copywriter & Content Strategist

"Every project that we worked on together Nick went above and beyond a community manager and acted as an editor, art director, and creative director with confidence and expertise. Not only does he get stuff done but he makes sure that stuff is creative, beautiful, and professional. Nick is persistent, bold, and confident in his communications and has the unique ability to capitalize on people's uniqueness while simultaneously challenging them to consistently create better work."

- Page Jensen-Slattengren, Copywriter

"When I first met Nick, I wanted to know more about him. He emits an uplifting and pleasant energy that’s quite infectious. As I got to know him better I learned that he’s inherently inquisitive, and is a true egalitarian. This shows in his work, because he has a natural understanding of people. His empathy of others affords him the scaffolding to share words and images in a way that is relatable to people. His work is casual rather than contrived. He also has personality, which he doesn’t disguise. That’s his authenticity shining through."

- Mark Wyner, UX Designer, Researcher, Public Speaker

"I've always admired his ability to strike a balance between giving his writers creative freedom and aligning their collective output with his vision. He is organized, generous, consistently enthused about his work, and eager to collaboratively solve problems. Nick brings out and nurtures the strengths of others. Any team is lucky to have him."

- Nick Bachan, UX Copywriter + Digital Marketer

"Nick Mendez is awesome! He is an excellent communicator, self-directed, and extremely savvy with social media strategy."

- Denise Faddis, Artist & Business Owner

"In his short-term position here Nick has made some valuable contributions to our long-term communications processes and planning. He's been a terrific member of our team. I highly recommend him."

- Carrie Kaufman, Director of Development & Marketing

"Nick is an energetic, creative and passionate teammate. He has an original and imaginative approach to creating concepts and writing content. In the workplace, his dedication to his peers is unwavering."

- Tess Canfield, Interior Designer & Organizer

Get in touch (white supremacists fuck off):
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